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If you called your own office, would you be happy with the greeting and assistance you received?

Would your customers say your service is outstanding?

Do your employees have all the computer skills they need to help grow your business?

The Employment Connection provides training seminars that will help your employees keep your customers coming back. They can learn the essentials of telephone courtesy, key customer service approaches, and specific computer software skills. Contact us to learn which training seminars could enhance your business.

All our computer training is individualized one-to-one, and can be customized to fit your business schedule -- especially important for a small business owner!


* Microsoft Office 2007
*Internet Training
Mozilla Firefox
Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.0
Googe Chrome
* General Software
Windows XP/2007
Quickbooks 2010
Act 4.0
* Graphic Software
Photoshop Elements
Print Shop
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your business grow.

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